RS5000 is manufactured to a harmonised European Standard and carries a CE marking.

In 2011, the material used to manufacture RS5000 was tested under British Standard 476, Parts 6 and 7. These independent tests measure spread of flame and fire propagation (a measure of potential contribution to fire growth). The combination of these two test results leads to a Class 0 fire rating as defined in Approved Document B (guidance for Building Regulations). The material used for RS5000 has been classified Class 0. This is the highest national product performance classification for lining materials under the national fire rating system.

Celotex also submitted RS5000 as part of a rainscreen cladding system for a fire test applicable to buildings with a storey height of above 18m. It was assessed by reference to that test (British Standard 8414-2: 2005) on 2 May 2014 for the circumstances and parameters of the test with the report being issued on 1 August 2014.

You can find details about the use of RS5000 here and our product testing in a rainscreen cladding system here. You can also find a health and safety data sheet that applies to all our products here. This information states that the fire performance and classification report was issued in relation to the components specified. Any changes to those components or to the construction methods used will need to be considered by the building designer.