Our records show that we sold a quantity of RS5000 through distributors which we believe was for on-sale to use in the Grenfell Tower refurbishment project in 2015.

RS5000 is a PIR insulation product for use in multicomponent rainscreen cladding systems on buildings with a storey height of above 18m. Fire safety testing was undertaken on RS5000 as part of a particular rainscreen cladding system and this is described in documents available on our website and this microsite.

The reasons why the Grenfell fire spread as it did are currently unclear but will be established through the various investigations and inquiries which are underway. These investigations and inquiries will consider a broad range of factors, such as the building construction and the fire safety measures in place. It is not simply the choice of materials but the construction of the building and the way in which all components of the rainscreen cladding system have been used which will be important.